How Small & Medium Sized Firms Streamline Operations with Clarity

IMAGINiT Technologies

By Matt Mason, Director of Software Solutions

When it comes to Revit models, analytics and task automation are powerful tools. Historically, however, access to this type of functionality has been out of reach for small and medium-sized firms. Having dedicated design technology staff to compile, review, and manage the reporting is overhead that many firms cannot afford. With IMAGINiT Clarity that is no longer the case. IMAGINiT Clarity makes efficient Revit management a reality for organizations of all sizes.

  • Save time with task automation. Clarity automatically prints PDF sets that have been requested. It can also export DWGs or Navisworks files to share to Dropbox, BOX, or FTP sites. Collaboration with partners just got easier, as well. Clarity can receive models from partners and automatically clean them up as they come in. It’s like having a robotic BIM coordinator.

  • Generate near-real-time information with automated data sheet creation. Creating data sheets for rooms, equipment, furniture, and other model information can be very time consuming for firms. Clarity automatically generates data sheets for over 20 Revit categories, including rooms, areas and spaces. Organizations get a head start with Clarity’s data sheet templates but can build the exact look and feel they want with HTML styles.

  • Get visibility into Revit model health quickly and easily with analytics. Clarity includes automated project metric dashboards which offer insights into key areas, such as file performance, modeling performance, and best practices. With metrics, it’s possible to focus on business value by monitoring the health of models and responding proactively, if problems arise. Analytics data harvested by Clarity can also be integrated with other business intelligence programs like Microsoft Power BI and Tableau.

You may not have considered Clarity because it you thought it was just for Revit Server (that was true, years ago). But today IMAGINiT Clarity can work with Revit projects on your network drive, Collaboration for Revit as well as Revit Server and is accessibly priced for firms of all sizes. If your organization needs more time to focus on the work that truly delivers value to customers, you should take a look at Clarity. Feel free to contact us to learn more about how this solution can help your small or medium sized business.

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