Fusion 360 Projected Drawing Views Appear “Backwards”

Shawn Heator


A Design has been created in Fusion 360 and it’s time to create the Drawing. After placing the Base View for the component, the projected views are not appearing as expected. This issue be illustrated using the following example component created in Fusion 360.


The component is placed in a Drawing with the extrude and cut visible in the base view. The extruded piece should be in the positive Z direction or coming out of the screen.

The Projected view, to the right side of the Base View, should show the extruded piece on the left side of the view. However, the view appears “backwards”in the image below because the extrude is visible on the right side of the component.



Fusion 360 has two drawing standards that can be defined in Preferences>Drawing. There is the ASME standard and the ISO standard. The ASME Standard ( American Society of Mechanical Engineers) has a default Third Angle projection. The ISO Standard (International Organization for Standardization) has a default First Angle projection.


These Standards and Projection Angles can be changed from within Fusion 360 prefences. The typical standard in the United States is the ASME Standard so we expect to see Third Angle Projected Views in drawings. If the view appears “backwards” then Fusion likely has an undesired setting in Preferences.



The expected behavior for the Projected Views, with the extruded piece of the example component, can be obtained by changing the defined Drawing Standard or Projection Angle. Select the user Autodesk account initials in the top right corner of Fusion 360 and then select Preferences.


Navigate to the General>Drawing section. Notice from the Prefences dialog box that the Current Standard is set to ISO and the Projection Angle is set to First Angle. Change the Standard to ASME.


Notice the Projection Angle is now set to Third Angle when the Standard is set to the ASMS Standard.


Now the Left, Right, and Isometric views appear how we would expect. The extruded piece is facing towards the base view of the component.

If you are experiencing the opposite issue with “backwards” projected view when your Preferences are set as ASME, then change the Drawing Standard to ISO to use Firt Angle Projection.

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