Ways to Work from Home with Autodesk Products

March 20, 2020 IMAGINiT Technologies

Issue: Working from home with Autodesk products

Solution: There are many solutions available! You just need to pick the one most appropriate for you.

Single-User access licenses on subscription

  1. Install your software on your home computer using your existing serial number and sign-in to your Autodesk Account using your work username and password

Standalone licenses on subscription or maintenance:

  1. Request a license to use software at home.

Network Multi-user licenses on subscription or maintenance:

  1. Request a license to install software at home.


  1. “Borrowing a License” from office server to work from home.

What is license borrowing? How does it work?


  1. “Borrowing a License” from office servers via your company VPN.

Common issues and additional information

Addressing common issues with a slow network or VPN connection

Options for doing remote work-sharing


Considerations for using Autodesk manufacturing products offsite:

Autodesk Vault requires that Vault Clients be able to access the server hosting Vault and possibly the licensing server as well.  There are multiple methods to access Vault available to you and you will need to choose the method that is most compatible with your environment.

If your Vault is already being hosted on a Cloud Server and is accessed by either VPN or is configured for SSL, no additional changes are needed.

If you have questions or need assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to the IMAGINiT team for advice, assistance, and support.


Best place to download support versions of Autodesk software products to use from home:



Installing software updates/patches on your software after installing:

How to install updates using the Autodesk Desktop App:

If the Desktop App doesn't appear to be working, then manually download and install using your Autodesk account:


General information on remote file storage options and cloud platforms:

  1. BIM360 is a great platform to store and share information.

Additional Info:

Autodesk BIM360

  1. Dropbox:
  1. Google Drive:
  1. pCloud:
  1. OneDrive: (Microsoft office)

Please do not forget to run audits and purges on your files to keep them clean, and while you’re at it please don’t forget to wash your hands! This is the #1 way to avoid getting “cooties” from Karen in Accounting.

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Download a Product using Autodesk AVA

Downloading an Autodesk product with Autodesk AVA when you are on a Multi-User license.