LIVE Online Virtual Classroom - A Complete Online Learning Platform

March 20, 2020 IMAGINiT Technologies

LIVE Online learning is like being in the classroom, just without the classroom.

Online training offers the ability to eliminate distractions and travel costs. It can reduce the time away from valuable projects. Technology to power online training has evolved over the years, but often leaves much to be desired. In 2017 IMAGINiT created the LIVE Online Virtual Classroom, which allows students to:

  1. Attend a course from anywhere via the internet, no downloads required
  2. Ask questions of an instructor in real-time
  3. Work on the latest version of Autodesk software – without having to load it on their own system

Students using LIVE Online benefit from the experience of a classroom setting in a virtual environment. They get:

  • A live instructor who:
    • Is experienced with the Autodesk software and topic they are teaching
    • Is trained to deliver a class using the LIVE Online technology
    • Provides immediate feedback
    • Oversees all students’ desktops simultaneously to monitor and encourage progress
    • Has the ability to share students’ screens with the rest of the class
    • Can take over students’ desktops to provide real-time demonstrations
  • Access to the IMAGINiT lab, which runs the latest versions of all Autodesk software
  • The ability to collaborate with other students and work in groups
  • An easy sign-on process
  • A technology that is fast, reliable and consistent

As a long-time provider of Autodesk software training, our goal is to deliver a learning experience unmatched by other trainers that is interesting, engaging, interactive and effective for our students.

To achieve this goal with the LIVE Online training platform, we addressed challenges we encountered with other technologies, and we follow the teaching methodology proven to be most effective with adults:

  1. Instructor-led discussion
  2. Instructor-led demonstration
  3. Instructor-supervised student exercises

LIVE Online Training Availability

To learn more about IMAGINiT training and the LIVE Online virtual classroom visit, or call an account representative at 1-800-356-9050.

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