Frequently Asked Questions – IMAGINiT Training During COVID-19

March 20, 2020 IMAGINiT Technologies

As many organizations move to remote working, IMAGINiT is here to help. Many of you have classes with us, here’s some answers to questions you may have. 

I had a training class scheduled with IMAGINiT, is it still running? 

Yes. we continue to run all classes, ensuring our customers remain proficient with their Autodesk software products.  

For in-person classes:  

  • IMAGINiT is following all state and federal government guidelines for travel restrictions and in-person meetings. With these in mind, our training coordinators are actively working with registered students to transfer in-person classes to be delivered via LIVE Online.
  • You have the option to move to an instructor-led LIVE Online class or reschedule without penalty. 
  • We have a training room cleaning policy where all desktops, keyboards, mice, etc. are thoroughly cleaned before each class. We also have cleaning supplies in the classrooms so students can clean their workspace as frequently as necessary.  
  • If you start feeling sick or showing symptoms such as a fever, notify us immediately and refrain from attending the class. We will transfer your registration to a future class of your choice with no penalty. 
  • If your in-person class was scheduled to be on site and that location is no longer allowing small group meetings or outside vendors onsite, we will work with you to reschedule the class to a LIVE Online venue or a future in person class.  

For instructor-led, LIVE Online classes:  

  • We have increased the number and frequency of these classes, giving students more options to find the courses that meet their learning needs'
  • LIVE Online is a proprietary and state of the art online learning platform. Our instructors are not only Autodesk software experts but they have also been trained on how to deliver a best in class learning experience using this platform . 
  • Our LIVE Online environment has been designed to facilitate real-time interaction, desktop sharing, remote access and collaboration. 

What options does IMAGINiT provide for self-paced, eLearning?  

IMAGINiT’s ProductivityNOW platform, powered by the Pinnacle Series platform from Eagle Point, offers a variety of on-demand education optionsThis on-demand education program contains supplemental videos, quizzes, and detailed practice exercises to facilitate understanding and retention of the material. 

With teams now working remotely, many employees won’t have immediate access to their BIM Manager or the power users on their team to answer their “how do I” type questions.  

ProductivityNOW provides quick answers and videos references that will keep your team productive while working apart from one another.  

Please reach out to your IMAGINiT representative for more information.  

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