Why Consider BIM if Clients Aren’t Asking for It?

If your firm has standardized on a 2D CAD platform, and projects are running smoothly, why consider BIM if clients are not requiring it? Watch this video to find out how BIM can mean better run projects and new potential revenue streams for your firm.

About the Author

Joe Eichenseer

Director | Building Lifecycle Solutions<br><br>Joe leads IMAGINiT's team of dedicated services professionals who ensure that the people, technology and processes exist to provide the best possible solution for clients every time. Joe and his team provide leadership to building design firms, facility managers, and building owners through the process of selecting, implementing, and optimizing software solutions. They develop new workflow processes that dramatically improve productivity and efficiency. Specializing in the customization, optimization, and integration of Autodesk building design products and the ARCHIBUS integrated workplace management system, Joe helps AECO firms navigate the road to Building Information Modeling (BIM) using a logical progression from 2D to full BIM. His years of experience in the industry make him an able leader in the management of cultural changes necessary for firms to be successful.

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