IMAGINiT Clarity 2021, Now Available!

IMAGINiT Technologies

We are excited to announce the release of IMAGINiT Clarity 2021! Clarity is like having a Revit robot; automating repetitive tasks, providing analytics, and keeping your project healthy. 

Clarity 2021

What’s Inside the New Release?

Clarity 2021 contains a number of new compelling features!

  • Support for Revit and Revit Server 2021
  • Integrations with Google Drive and Procore
  • A new PDF Driver (PDF-Xchange by Tracker Software)
  • Improved BIM360 support (more tasks, nicer user interface)
  • Centralized management of task servers and offices for larger deployments
  • Model Health  / Model Metrics improvements, including:
    • Model Scoring, based on firm standards
    • Visibility of live metric graphs outside of Clarity like the BIM360 project page, Microsoft Teams, etc.
    • The first version of “Community Model Health Data Sharing” – an opt-in service to anonymously share metrics about your Revit models, and to see how your models compare to other firms.
    • And more.

See the new Clarity 2021 features in action on May 27th! Register today


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