IMAGINiT. Digital Factory Webcast Series.
Unlocking the Power of the Digital Factory
A digital factory is a virtual representation of a physical factory, and it enables product teams to simulate production. By using the digital factory to test product designs and manufacturing processes, companies gain insights to increase product profitability, manufacturability, and sustainability. Through digital manufacturing simulation, manufacturers have access to valuable new design, sourcing, and planning capabilities.
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Join our experts throughout this five-part webcast series, where we explore the opportunities to leverage technology in all phases of project delivery from design to construction, and into operations.
March 14, 2024 | 11 AM ET Part 4: Take Ownership | Preconstruction, Construction Management, and Closeout
Join IMAGINiT experts Alan DeLuce and Adam Jurczak on the fourth installment of our five-part Digital Factory Series, where they'll explore the phases and personas involved in the Construction process. How can you as an Owner engage the Construction team and capture the value of the built asset in real-time? Get involved and take ownership!
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Part 5: Maintain Facilities | Leverage Data in Facility Management and Operations March 28, 2024 | 11 AM ET