IMAGINiT Vault Client Utilities - Folder Sync doesn't appear to be working

June 8, 2022 Bob Felton


After configuring the IMAGINiT Vault Client Utilities for 202X to sync the contents for a folder in Vault to the local working folder on the Vault Client workstation, it doesn't appear that any files are being pushed to the client.


The synced files are not going to the expected location.

From the Help file for IMAGINiT Utilities for Vault Client, Standard Folders: Admin

The Standard Folders utility enables an administrator to identify folders that every user would ideally keep up-to-date on their machine (typically standards, templates, etc). Once an administrator has identified the templates, each time a user logs in (depending on the settings) it will check to see if the update is needed, and the files will be updated if appropriate.

To access:


If the contents of the folder to be synced to the workstation do not appear to be populated, then uncheck the setting for this option, to 'Copy to Local Folder'.

In this context "Copy to Local Folder" means a folder outside of the Vault Working Folder.

Then test a new login to confirm that files are being synced to the Vault Working Folder.

Special thanks to Michael Lerch for testing and confirming this solution.



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