AutoCAD Command Tips & Tricks

In this 30 minute video, IMAGINiT Senior Support Specialist Ryan Wunderlich will share some great tips for 3 frequently used commands. Ryan covers: 1. Base View and how it works 2. RENAME function when to use it (and when not to) 3. Drawing Cleanup (when things go wrong) • Recover • Audit • Purge • -PURGE • Establishing a good process when using drawings from outside your organization. Presenter: Ryan Wunderlich Senior Support Specialist | IMAGINiT Technologies Ryan has nearly 30 years of experience in AutoCAD across multiple industry segments. He has worked in Mechanical Design, Electro-mechanical, PCB and Schematic Design, Architectural Design and Acoustic Design as well as doing equipment layouts in industrial spaces. Ryan has also taught AutoCAD at Community Colleges as a certified instructor. Ryan has a B.S. in Business Management and a M.A. in Organizational Management.

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