InfoWorks ICM 2023 Simulation Crash

September 29, 2022 Shawn Heator


When working in InfoWorks ICM 2023 and running a simulation or validating any scenarios, the program crashes with a CER report for the Autodesk Licensing Manager.

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This problem is caused by a conflict between the ICM engine and the Autodesk Licensing Manager. The program will still crash with all Autodesk Licensing updates already installed.


Currently there is not a solution to completely resolve the problem. However, Autodesk is aware of the issue and is expected to release InfoWorks 2023.2 update to resolve the problem in the near future.

The current workaround is to run the program as administrator. There are two ways to run the program as administrator.

  1. Go to Windows Start>InfoWorks ICM 2023 folder>right click on InfoWorks>More>Run as administrator.

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  1. Find the icon on your Desktop. Right click to “Run as administrator”.

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Running the program as administrator should prevent the crash until Autodesk releases the 2023.2 update.

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