AutoCAD Based Products not plotting or fatal error when plotting


You updated Windows 10 (or updates were run) and when going to plot to certain devices it either fails to plot or causes a fatal error to occur in your AutoCAD based Software


This problem is caused by a specific Microsoft update, namely KB4560960, which causes issues with older PCL5 drivers.  You can confirm the behavior (if the software fatal errors) by checking the Event Viewer => Custom Views => Administrative Events and you will see acad.exe failing with gdi32full.dll

Right mouse click on This PC and select Manage:


Then expand out Event Viewer, then expand out Custom Views, then click on Administrative Events and wait for the list to populate:


I generally sort by Source (by clicking on the heading and look for Application Error that's recent and click on each one until you see an acad.exe failing on gdi32full.dll


Currently the fix is to go into Control Panel => Programs and Features.  Then select View Installed Updates and look for KB4560960 and uninstall it, reboot and then retest.  If you have a newer driver for that plotter (that’s PCL6 based), you can try that, but generally this occurs on older models that no longer have any driver updates, so I generally recommend removing the Microsoft Update.




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